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Dear Valued Salon Guest,


We miss you so much and can not wait to see you soon!! We understand your concerns, as a norm to us cleaning and sanitizing has always been priority one, while temporarily closed we have outdone ourselves  preparing our salon home just for you!  The safety of the salon team and you as our guest is extremely essential so we have:


  • Cleaned and/or disinfected all surfaces and implements

  • Laundered and/or disinfected all capes, towels and linens

  • Removed any non-essential items throughout our salon

  • Initiated contactless methods of scheduling and payment processing

  • Acquired personal protective equipment to be used as required  

  • Discontinued the practices of hugs, handshakes and other non-essential contact

  • Retrained our staff on essential infection control and hand hygiene practices your Yodi team member have updated certification on Sanitation protocols via BARBICIDE  and


Upon return to our salon home and practice of the  “NEW NORMAL” there will be extra sanitation precautions in place for us to adapt. As your professional hair care expert your safety has always been our priority and to ensure your safety and ours we ask the following:


  1. Masks are required to be worn by you and your Yodi expert at all times. Please help us in this area and  bring your own over the ear mask.

  2. You will receive a text when to enter the salon, upon entering you will be greeted by our SAFETY FIRST PORTAL.  At this portal you will sanitize your hands,  your temperature will be taken with our NON TOUCH INFRARED THERMOMETER by your Yodi expert.  Please note If you have a temperature above 99 degrees F we will reschedule your appointment.

  3. During your visit at the SAFETY FIRST PORTAL we will ask a few screening questions as to maintain SAFETY and EXCELLENCE for your best experience.

  4. Please be extra patient with us during your visit as we clean/sanitize and disinfect each tool, station, dryer station shampoo area and bathroom between each salon guests  visit during and prior to your visit. Temporarily Team Yodi  will suspend all  Spot On VIP food perks, complimentary food and beverage services, NO hugs, and NO handshakes during this time.

  5. Please minimize the items/bags you bring. Please do NOT bring any guests with you because WAITING IN THE LOBBY IS PROHIBITED. Only the person receiving the service will be allowed in the salon as we strive doing our best practicing social distancing to maintain six (6) feet apart as much as possible,  following the suggestions by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and our local health department guidelines. It is required to wash or sanitize your hands after each bathroom visit, sneezing or coughing.



These protocols will continue to be refined and adjusted as necessary and rest assured we will keep you informed every step of the way. As we navigate through the ongoing disasters of COVID19, adapting to the SALON NEW NORMAL functionality adhering to all the necessary requirements for safety,  please note it was necessary to adjust our salon service menu prices allowing us to off set the increase of the salon operations.  Please refer to the service menu.


We truly appreciate your undying love, support, loyalty and trust throughout the years,  as you know our existing salon standards and with your commitment working together we can overcome the spread of this virus as well as other infectious diseases and maintaining safety. The YODI CODE is even more elevated to the highest degree as we supersede ourselves offering nothing less than EXCELLENCE caring for all of your hair care needs.


By filling out the form below and submitting, you agree to comply with the written instructions above and agree that you are at the salon at your own risk, releasing Yodi International Salon from any liability relating to COVID-19. Failure to comply with these written instructions or verbal instructions from staff may result in your removal from the premises.

Yodi International Safety Check-In Questionnaire & Consent Form
Do you have a fever?
Do you have any of the following: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell or a sore throat?
Are you currently living with someone who has been sick in the past 14 days?
Have you been out of the country within the last (3) weeks?
"By clicking "I Agree", I hereby agree and consent to Yodi International Safety-Check-In Questionnaire and Consent Agreement, its policies and I understand that by filling out this form and submitting, I agree to comply with the written instructions above and agree that I am at the salon at my own risk, releasing Yodi International Salon from any liability relating to COVID-19.

Thanks for submitting!

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